The blue Taoist has the ability to request help from a villager and fight a ghost in the same turn. If this ability is blocked by a ghost, but then that ghost is killed by him, can he follow up in the same turn and request help immediately since his power is now unblocked?

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Yes, you can do this.

Under Taoist Powers on page 8 of the rulebook:

It may happen that a Taoist loses his power because of a ghost ability. He can recover it as soon as the responsible ghost is removed from his board.

And the blue Taoist's Heavenly Gust Ability on the next page reads:

The blue Taoist can act in a heartbeat.
He may request villager’s help AND attempt an exorcism in the same turn, in any order.

So you can definitely exorcise a ghost, unlocking your power, and then get a Villager's help in the same turn.

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