I used to use Prophet of Kruphix in my commander deck, but it is now banned.

While giving all creatures flash is nice, but I really used it for it's land untap ability. Are there any other cards that let me untap my lands on other player's turns?

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You can do a quick search for keywords like 'untap' + 'other player' to find some cards.

This'll put you on Seedborn Muse. She's the original Prophet of Kruphix, but hasn't been hit by a ban because she doesn't have that super-juicy "flash" clause. (And because being mono-green means she props up more diverse archetypes than a UG card does.)

Is that your only option? Not quite: try other keywords (maybe filter down to your colors and search 'untap' + 'land' or 'untap' + 'permanent').

Some highlights that you're likely to miss unless you try a lot of search permutations:

  • Awakening is a green enchantment that untaps everyone's stuff. (And allows heavily-instant-speed decks to double-dip mana on their own turn.)

  • Patron of the Orochi is a big green creature that you can use to untap all your green creatures and forests each turn. (And can also be used to double up your mana on your own turn.)

  • Damn... Seedborn muse is actually so much better because your creatures essentially gain a better version of Vigilance.
    – Tony
    Oct 2, 2016 at 5:30

Here are 2 other options for you:

  1. http://www.mtgsalvation.com/cards/tenth-edition/13990-seedborn-muse
  2. http://www.mtgsalvation.com/cards/stronghold/4946-awakening

Another option (though unfortunately just for a single land) is Urban Burgeoning from Return to Ravnica. I haven't looked it up myself, but im pretty sure there are other cards that untap on opponent turns if you widen your search for "land", "untap", "upkeep", and "player".

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