One of the actions you can do on your turn in Jaipur is to trade cards from your hand with an equal amount of cards from the market. I wasn't sure how this worked mechanically as well as its interaction with the 7-card hand limit.

  • I have 6 cards in hand
  • I take two cards from the market, my hand is now 8
  • I put two cards back into the market, my hand is 6 again

Is this a legal move, or at no point can my hand exceed 8? I would think inbetween an action resolving, you can have >7 cards in hand but the rules are ambiguous.

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That is a perfectly acceptable action to take.

The rules at the bottom of the "Take Cards" page explicitly state:

Players may never have more than 7 cards in their hand at the end of their turn.

Nowhere in the rules does it disallow gaining more than 7 cards to your hand during an exchange.

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