Wakanda, from the Marvel Munchkin DC expansion pack Mystic Mayhem, states that no monster can enter combat (via wandering monster, ect.). What exactly does this mean?

Can you use a replicate card, which states another monster appears, to add another monster to combat? Does it just mean you cannot play an actual monster card?

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    The full text from the card would make it easier to answer... I assume that Wakanda is a monster card, but answering based on guesswork often doesn't turn out well.
    – AndyT
    Oct 25 '16 at 15:57

As Replicate is just the Marvel Munchkin version of the Mate card, if you take a look at the FAQ (search for 'is Mate an enhancement card') you'll see that it works like a Wandering Monster card and adds an additional monster.

This means that the Wakanda dungeon prevents players from playing either a Wandering Monster or Replicate (or Mate if you're playing with non-marvel as well).

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