In a recent game of Miller's Hollow, the game ended when a werewolf killed a witch, and the witch killed the werewolf with their poison potion. In a situation such as this, which group wins?

The problem is, the rulebook says that

The Townsfolk win if they manage to eliminate all Werewolves.

The Werewolves win if they kill the last Townsperson.

The timing on death is only described as the following:

The Moderator will reveal the results in the morning.

Seeing as the Witch can heal themselves,

The Witch can use either potion on him/herself if he/she wishes.

That means that the answer isn't that the witch dies before they can act. Who wins?

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Yes the game can end without any player alive. It happens sometimes. And in that case, the game is a tie.

With the basic rules, there can be as much as four deaths in a single night.

  • Wolf eats hunter
  • Hunter shoots witch
  • Witch poisons wolf
  • Civilian lover of wolf dies of love sickness

All the actions are simultaniously. And winning is declared in the morning and right after lynch.

By the way, during the day a complete kill can happen too:

  • Wolf and civilian lover vote for last player who happens to be the hunter.
  • Hunter shoots wolf
  • Civilian lover dies of life sickness.

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