As I love both traveling and board games, I always try to buy a local made game with roots from, or great popularity, in that specific country/region. E.g. I got Shogi when I was in Japan, and Dominoes from a trip to Cuba.

Now I'm going to South Africa and Mozambique and would like to get my hands on a local game.

Do you know of any board games that are native to South Africa or Mozambique, besides different types of Mancala?

I already have a Mancala-type game called Omweso from Zambia, but I guess I wouldn't turn down a more original type Mancala from Mozambique if that's the only alternative.

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If you are looking for localised versions of games through Africa another option to the Mancala family are games of the Nine Men's Morris family, which potentially migrated down through Africa at the height of the Roman empire.

For South Africa there is Muravava or Umlabalaba, which is closer to Twelve Men's Morris in that there are more moves available.
In Mozambique you'll find Gulugufe, which is played on two intersecting triangles. There is also Ntchuva, which is the local variant of Mancala.

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  • This is great! Thanks. I definitely keep my eyes open for one of these games! – metazoa Nov 8 '16 at 8:59

I can reccomend 30 seconds. It is a SA boardgame in the more western approach. You used to get those in checkers supermarks and picnpays but Im not sure if they still sell them

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