If I play a Bureaucrat and my opponent reveals a hand with a Curse card, does that Curse card go back on top of his/her deck? Or does it not count as a "Victory card"?


No. Curse cards do not have the type Victory. They just have type Curse.

(You can see this in the rules or by reading the card closely - although they affect your VP total, they do not have "Victory" in the type line, just "Curse").



On page 2-3 of the rules you'll see the various types of cards.

  • Treasure
  • Victory
    • Estates
    • Duchies
    • Provinces
  • Curse
  • Randomizer
  • Trash
  • Kingdom

Curse is it's own type of card and not a Victory card. On page 2, the explanation of the Curse card includes "card type, (curse, purple)

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