Example scenario (which I'm going to call "The Sam" since my 7 year son just beat me using a large subset of this):

Dark side has no defenders available, 3 undamaged 5 point objectives. Light side's turn, light side of force is winning.

Light side objectives: Hit and Run, One of the 2 resource objectives, and the objective that gives you a -1 for first enhancement played.

Light side hand has yoda, light sabre, r2d2, binds all things, double strike, and target of opportunity as their 6 cards in their hand.

Light side does one point of damage during force struggle.

Deployment: Light side plays R2D2 (increases resources available to 6) Light side plays yoda (resource left: 3) Light side plays light sabre enhancment (rez left: 3)

Attack: Yoda attacks undamaged objective, plays TOO during unopposed edge battle, thereby doing 5 damage (TOO + light sabre + enhancement bonus + own strike + unopposed bonus) When focused to strike, light side plays double strike (rez left: 2) Light side then plays it binds all things (rez left: 1), picking up TOO + double strike Yoda repeats attack on 2nd undamaged objective and again uses double strike (rez left: 0), playing TOO again Yoda attacks 3rd objective, doing only 4 points of damage (no TOO), and actually could do an extra point of damage from hit and run.

Light side has just defeated 3 objectives and therefore wins.

Sub-questions: Is there a rule limiting a single unit to only being able to attack 1 objective per turn that I'm not seeing? Is there some other limitation/rule exception that would prevent this? (Beyond the whole dark side really should have at least one defender and this does require a non-trivial amount of luck to get this exact combination of cards)


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The engagement isn't over until all ready units have been focused to strike. Double Strike must be played "after a Character unit is focused to strike," which means it can only be played, and therefore can only remove a focus token, DURING the engagement, allowing multiple strikes at the same objective. If you can destroy an undefended objective in one strike, playing Double Strike does nothing for you- your second strike has nothing to hit.
See "Resolving a strike" on p 20 of the rules, and "Engagment resolution" (p 31). CArdgamedb.com is the best place for Star Wars rules and discussion. Some real experts post over there. Check it out!


There is no rule preventing a single unit from attacking multiple objectives, so long as they are able to attack in the first place. Keep your defenses up as dark side (or any side, really). :)

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