I was looking through different cards to try and find something to counteract my dad's Sliver Overlord aside from directly killing or exiling it, and when I initially saw Pithing Needle I got really excited, but then I saw it didn't target mana abilities, which kind of renders it useless against the Overlord.

Is there a card that does target mana abilities, or will I just have to exile/destroy his Overlord?

  • You have an extremely low chance to draw a specific card on a Commander deck. You're playing green, so your artifact search abilities are further limited. I dunno how effective this card would be, unless you went blue.
    – CyberClaw
    Nov 18 '16 at 10:11
  • @CyberClaw my deck is a hyper-draw deck so I will be able to get through my deck fairly fast to get to specific cards, and if not I have a couple cards that let me search.
    – Cyberson
    Nov 18 '16 at 23:00

Sliver Overlord's abilities are not mana abilities. Mana abilities are abilities that produce mana, like the ability on Sylvan Caryatid. (There are a few restrictions; not everything that produces mana is a mana ability. See rule 605.1 if you're curious.)

Sliver Overlord's abilities are simple activated abilities, with mana in their cost. Pithing Needle will work just fine against them, as will anything else that prevents abilities from being activated (e.g. Arrest), and anything that makes it lose abilities (e.g. Lignify).

  • That makes more sense. I thought it was weird it would only target abilities that don't cost mana.
    – Cyberson
    Nov 18 '16 at 2:09

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