We've just started to play the Village board game recently with friends and we're not sure about this rule in Council chamber action:

You may perform the privilege action which is shown below either the current or a previous stage of you family member.

Does a previous stage mean only one previous stage or all previous stages? In example if I have a villager on the last stage with action "exchange 1 coin to 3 points", can I also choose to take a starting player ring located on the first action?

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You can choose any previous action. "Previous" just means "something earlier", it doesn't imply "exactly 1 space". The best evidence for this is the fact that it says "a" previous space, not "the" previous spot. So yes, you can choose start player using a guy at the top.

  • This makes sense, thanks for the clarification. Might be obvious for a native English speaker. I'll accept the answer when possible.
    – Micer
    Commented Nov 22, 2016 at 18:48

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