How do you deal Age 3 of 7 Wonders?

Once you get the deck ready for the adequate number of players and add the guilds, there ends up being 2 extra cards due to the 2+ guild logic. Thus some players would get more than 7 cards.

How is this handled? Are the extra cards simply not dealt? Can you provide an example for 5 players please?

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There are no extra cards in a correctly prepared deck.

The base game contains:

  • 49 Age I cards
  • 49 Age II cards
  • 50 Age III cards

(There is one additional Age III card so that there are never all Guild cards in play.)

For a game with 5 players, you have 35 cards per Age:

  • Age I: 35 non-Guild cards
  • Age II: 35 non-Guild cards
  • Age III: 28 non-Guild cards, 7 Guild cards
  • exactly. every age, everyone will end up with EXACTLY 7 cards in their hand. no more, no less.
    – DForck42
    Commented May 10, 2017 at 13:25

Guild cards are not all added together, you only add Guild cards based on the number of players +2, so you will always have a consistent amount of cards per player per age. In the case of the base game that will mean that you will always have 7 cards in your hand at the start of each age.

For 5 player game, that means 7 guild cards are added to the Age 3 cards.

This means you will have all the 3 player cards per age, all the 4 player cards, and all the 5 player cards. And the Age 3 deck will also have 7 guilds. (A total of 35 cards per Age)

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