I played the board game Talisman the other night and in the rulebook there was mention of what happens when you become a toad, but no indication of how that occurs. I assumed that it was an effect from an event or dice roll (which it is in some cases), but a couple of the others had played where rolling a 1 multiple times during movement turned you into a toad. We played for several hours (not getting very far) and did not turn to a toad even once, which does not seem correct even if limited to event cards or encounters.

EDIT: The others who played before became toads more often, but am not sure if that was a house rule or an older edition rule. Whether via events or encounters I would expect it to have happened at least once over several hours. We also ended up with several Place cards occupying the draw-a-card spaces

So, is there something missing from the rulebook, or has 4th edition changed to 'encourage' more PvP?

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    The Enchantress in the Village (one of the corner squares) is a pretty common way to turn into a Toad, with a 1 in 6 chance if you visit her. Jan 4, 2017 at 14:48

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It is hidden in the encounter section of the rules:

Other times the encounters are hostile and attack the character, or even turn him into a slimy Toad!

You will remain a toad for three turns, unless:

If a character is already a Toad and is turned into a Toad again (for example, as a result of the Random Spell), the character remains a Toad for three more turns starting from the second transformation.

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