I live in an area where during the winter the temperature falls below -18°C/0°F. Will any harm come to board games that I leave out in a car in that temperature? I know that hot weather can be tough for some types of games (e.g. those with adhesives). I don't know if the reverse is true.

  • I figure games with batteries in them (e.g. those with an electronic timer) would result in needing to replace the batteries more often. Don't know if there are other types. Commented Jan 14, 2017 at 17:03
  • They might get damp when you bring them to a warmer environment, if you don't allow a gradual warming period - just like if you wear glasses in the cold and they steam up when you go into a warm room. The dampness may have undesirable consequences.
    – Matthew
    Commented Jan 15, 2017 at 9:39

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Will any harm come to board games that I leave out in a car in that ['below -18°C/0°F'] temperature?


I have had some board games for 30+ years that, during that time, spent two years in a Minnesota storage garage and three years in an Upstate New York storage garage; in which neither had heat or air conditioning (neither location was ever particularly hot during the Summer).

Some games had adhesive tape repairs; some had a clear adhesive film protecting the graphics of the gameboard. None exhibited any damage due to storage conditions.

Note: For long-term storage, all games are placed within plastic garbage bags which, in turn, are put inside plastic totes.

On one occasion, I noted one factory shrink-wrapped game developed a some minor condensation between the shrink-wrap and game box. The game box lid was concave from being pressed; causing space between the shrink-wrap and box. The condensate was noted when I brought this game home, from storage, during cold outside temps. It did not appear to damage or stain the cover of the gamebox.

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