I just bought a copy of San Juan after playing it a few times on iPad and loving it. When I got it home, I saw that it is the second edition. On Board Game Geek, first and second editions have their own entries. What's new/different in San Juan's second edition that it would get classified as a separate game?

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Artwork and the following.

The Prefecture now costs 4 instead of 3. With the Goldmine, you now get to keep the cheapest card instead of any card. With the Guildhall, you get 1 point per production building and 1 point for each different production building. New building Hut: "In the trader phase, the owner of a hut draws one card from the supply if no good was sold by any player during this phase." The Bank now costs 3 instead of 4.

And yes this is a copy paste from BGG, if you don't want that please explain how BGG didn't fully explain this.

Link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1330934/differences-between-1ed-and-2ed

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San Juan Second Edition has full-colour cards and the addition of the Cathedral card

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