Lets say someone is blocking an Eldrazi with annihilator. Can they sacrifice a creature they blocked with to count as one of the things sacrifice with annihilator?

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    I rolled back the edit made by the author because it totally changed the question being asked. Clarification is good, but editing to ask a different question is usually not. If you have a new question, use the Ask Question button. Unfortunately, the rollback also means that the duplicate closure no longer makes any sense. The question is still a duplicate of Can you claim a Double Sacrifice Bonus (in my opinion). I flagged for moderator attention so that hopefully this can be sorted out.
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  • Nominated for reopening. I don't think it's a duplicate of double sacrifice bonus either, because there's question about blocking with the creature and then sacrificing it to annihilator, which as the answer points out isn't possible.
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  • I removed the second question because we only want one question per question, and the second question is already answered here: boardgames.stackexchange.com/questions/4168/…
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  • @diego As I re-read the second question, I'm not convinced it's the same as what you linked.
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Annihilator happens before blocks. When the attacking player declares attackers, the Annihilator trigger goes on the stack. The defending player has to resolve it first. Then the phase can move to the Declare Blockers step. If you still have a creature at that point, you can block.

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