I used to play a PC game about 15 years ago that was based on a card game. I remember the following details:

  • It contained cards
  • It had ancient battles theme
  • Each card represented battle unit
  • There were factions like Romans, Carthageneans, Egyptians, Maccabeans and more.
  • Some factions were inherently stronger than others. Battles were often assymetrical.
  • Game battles were based on real battles.
  • Some of the units were - heavy infantry, light infantry, phalanx, chariot, elephants.
  • Each player would put the cards in a row against the oponents row.
  • There was some rule on when to draw the cards from your own deck and how to put them.
  • Each card could attack only 3 cards which are approximate to it.
  • If a card was attacked from leftmost or rightmost, it was considered "flanked" and depending on the unit, the attack might have got significant bonuses.
  • The combat mechanics were not easy to understand

I've searched google with all the keywords I could think of, but can't find it. Any idea?

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    Sounds a little bit like Battle Line
    – user30903
    Feb 19, 2017 at 13:20
  • @user30903, Thanks for introducing me to this game, it looks interesting! However, it is not it. Feb 19, 2017 at 20:33

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Ok, after the comment about "Battle Line" (Thanks to @user30903) I started to view the game description and suddenly I saw a war unit called hoplite... and then I recalled.

The PC game is called "Hoplites". It is completely free and its manual is available here. It is based on a board game called SPQR. The game "Battle Line" is from the same company.


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