In A Prophecy of Dragons, how does one correctly apply the magic abilities of Myriam Lamm? As an example, Myst Bolt shows 1 star: remove 2 shields from your space. What happens if you roll more than 1 star?

Does it mean that you can remove 2 shields for every star you roll, or merely that if you roll one or more stars you can take 2 shields off, no matter how many you roll?


A member of Space Cowboys cleared this up in a Board Game Geek thread:

Maryam should actually be worded more precisely. This is a typo and will be corrected in the next printing.

Mystic Bolt: 1 star or more:

Minor Healing: 1 star or more:

Divine Healing: 2 stars or more:


If you compare to other spells, it seems to me that it must mean if you roll 1 or more stars, you get to remove two shields. Additional stars have no extra effect. So more magic skill would just increase the chances that you would get to remove 2 shields, rather than no shields.

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