Iello games published a trick-taking game called "Nyet!" The rule book can be found here.

The game includes a x2 bonus card in order to offset the imbalance of playing with an odd number of players (since each round is played as teams). On page 11 of the rulebook, it states, "This card allows the owner to double her points." Most of the times, this is advantageous. However, depending on the voting phase, tricks taken during the round are potentially worth negative points.

Is the player with the bonus card required to use it?
If so, does the bonus card increase the penalty for negative points or decrease the penalty?

It seems punitive to give the disadvantaged team the bonus card, and then require them to double the loss if the round is worth negative points.

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The use of the x2 bonus card is mandatory. The first player chooses the player on the smaller team that receives the card and should choose wisely!

This is from Board Game Geek

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