Looking for the name of an old board game featuring a wolf, I think he was called Willy. I can't remember much about it, but I played it a few times in the 80s, may have been older than that. It was quite scary for me because I was young. I think there was a figure of the wolf and there may have been a red and yellow piece for a player to choose. Does anyone remember this game?


The Uncle Wiggily board game had colored pieces that moved on a track, and the "Fox Den" had an animal that looked like a wolf. The game is filled with creatures, unfortunate events, and close calls that could frighten a small child. Uncle Wiggily Board colored metal playing pieces Plastic playing pieces and cards It was first published in 1916, but has been republished as recently as 1989.


Sounds like Beware of the wolf which features quite a big wolf in the middle of the board and is from the eighties (1981).

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