I'm not quite sure about the interaction between the stack and multiple-card draws.

120.2. Cards may only be drawn one at a time. If a player is instructed to draw multiple cards, that player performs that many individual card draws.

According to Is drawing multiple cards an atomic action?, this means that:

"draw 2 cards" really means "draw a card, then draw a card". - diego

Now, my question is: Does that mean that a player, affected by a multiple-card draw (Divination for example), can draw one card and avoid drawing any more by activating Sundial of the Infinite inbetween individual draws?



In order to activate an ability or cast a spell, a player must have priority. During the resolution of spells and abilities, players do not receive priority.

One advantage of declaring "multiple draws are done one at a time" is multiple card drawing cleanly interacts with cards like Abundance, Alhammarret's Archive, or cards that say, "whenever you draw a card"

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