In Pegs & Jokers, if 4 of my pegs are in Home, and my last peg is 2 spaces away from home (so I need an Ace, nine or two to win) do I have to play one of my other cards and move PAST my home (since I'm told you MUST use a card if you CAN move)?


Yes, you need to move past your home spot.

I've found an explanation and detailing of the rules here. This website states:

You must always use the full value of the card played. For example when playing a 6 you must move a peg forward 6 holes, no less. If you play a 6 when you have a peg on your in-spot and all your other pegs in the start area, you must move your peg on along the main track, since there is not room in the home track for a move of 6.

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