My friends and I will soon play the Zombicide Black Plague Wulfsburg quests, starting with Welcome to Wulfsburg, which has the following setup:

Map of the quest "Welcome to Wulfsburg"

My question is the following. Where do the zombies that spawn in 5R move before the characters make their way through the houses of 1V, 5R and 8V ?

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I think I found the solution. This is from the Zombicide Black Plague rulebook, page 24:

In case there are no open paths to the noisiest Zone, Zombies move toward it as if all doors were open, though locked doors still stop them.

Which means the zombies from 5R will go stuck themselves in the dead-end of 8V until a character opens the door (which also allows another character to snipe them from the tower 10V in the meantime).

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