A friend of mine introduced a card game to me she only knows by the name "Schweinemauzen" (we're in Germany, literally maybe "pig's meow"). Surprisingly, googling this word doesn't yield a single result. Maybe someone can help me in identifying the game if I give some basic rules:

  • Deck: usually standard 52-card deck, but can be played with 36 cards.
  • 2-5 or even more players. First with no cards left wins.
  • Dealing cards:
    • 3 rounds of 1 card, face down, per player; they are arranged side-by-side,
    • 3 rounds of 1 card, face up, per player, each laid on top of one dealt before,
    • finally, 3 rounds of 1 card, face down, per player, which the players pick up.
    • The rest is kept as a stack.
  • Gameplay:
    • Some similarities to Durak.
    • A player plays one or more cards of the same rank.
    • The next player has to play one or more cards of the same or a higher rank.
    • If someone cannot play, they have to pick up all cards which were played before.
    • Ranks 2, 7, and 10 are special, they can be used to match an Ace and/or remove all cards on the "played" stack from the game, so that the next player who can't play doesn't have to pick those up.
    • Each player immediately redraws from the stack after they played so that they have 3 cards.
    • When the stack is empty, and no cards are left on the hand of a player, they use their face-up cards to play.
    • When those are empty, the face-down cards are used to play, at which point the game becomes quite random.

Here you see the stack, the played cards stack next to it, and face-down/face-up cards for two players:


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Not sure what the international name for the game is but we've always called it "Shithead", a fun game the face down cards keep the end game close and stops a runaway winner.


We call this game "Lucky". The 2 resets the pile to a low number and a 10 makes the pile go away. I haven't heard about the version using a 7 card for something. But I have heard a version where and 8 card triggers a reverse turn order, and that is good for a four player game so you are not always following the same person (makes things more interesting).

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