I play the extended phases in phase 10 with my friends and phase 29 is 5 sets of 2 in the same colo. we use the standard deck and there is usually 3-4 of us playing. Do we add in another deck since there are only 2 numbers of the same color in each color or do we just play normally? It seems extremely hard to get it because its so limited and I can't find anywhere an explanation for that phase. any thoughts?


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May not have been the original intent, but far more doable: "5 sets of 2, with one color shared between all the sets."


R2G2 R3B3 R5G5 R7Y7 R9G9

would be a valid hand, since you have 5 sets of two and each set has a red card in it.

If it's the same set of rules as was linked above, #19 there is "19. 5 sets of 2 in same color - wild card color must match number color". The context on the site makes it clear they intended all 10 of the cards to be the same color. It does seem to be a bit restrictive, but note that the wild cards can smooth out the missing duplicate numbers.

Also, "Note: The above rules use Phase 10 cards with colored wild cards. In some newer decks all the wild cards are the same color. If playing with this type of deck, just disregard the restrictions on wild card colors."

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