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First player has Ace Seven.

Second player has Ace Seven.

Third Player has pocket Jacks.

Community cards are A J 5 5 5.

What is the winning hand in this situation?

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Consider the best 5-card hand that each player can create from 5 cards. (Since you didn't specify the suits, this assumes that nobody can create a flush.)

Players 1 and 2 have A 7 A J 5 5 5. The best hand from these cards is a full house: 5 5 5 A A.

Player 3 has J J A J 5 5 5. The best hand from these cards is also a full house: J J J 5 5.

Since the third player's 3-set (jacks) is higher than the other players' 3-set (fives), player 3 wins the pot.

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