Crucible of Worlds says:

You may play land cards from your graveyard.

Burgeoning says:

Whenever an opponent plays a land, you may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.

So, if I have both on the battlefield, whenever one of my opponents plays a land, may a put a land from my graveyard onto the battlefield?

My guess is not, based on the wording of the cards. Because Burgeoning is not allowing me to "play a land" it is having me "put a land onto the battlefield" which is a different action.

Is this interpretation correct? (I'd rather it be the other way...)

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You guessed right! (Sorry.) There are (at least) two reasons this combo doesn't work.

First: "Playing a land" is different than "putting a land card from your hand onto the battlefield." They're not interchangeable.305.4 This means that the choice you can make for Burgeoning's effect is not changed by Crucible of Worlds.

Second: Crucible of Worlds doesn't affect the separation between the hand and the graveyard. It simply allows you to take the "play a land" action with cards from an additional zone. Since Burgeoning uses the phrase "a land card from your hand," the land that you choose cannot be in the graveyard.

305.4 Effects may also allow players to “put” lands onto the battlefield. This isn’t the same as “playing a land” and doesn’t count as a land played during the current turn.


Well, because Crucible of the Worlds says "from your graveyard", you could only use this ability if you discarded lands somehow. Burgeoning means you can put a land from your HAND onto the battlefield if your opponent plays a land, so it wouldn't count as a land per turn.

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