My opponent controls Neheb, the Eternal (a 6/5 creature with afflict 3), and attacks me with it. If I block Neheb with a creature that will kill it, will I still take damage from afflict?

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    Yes. In fact, you will lose 3 life before creatures deal damage to each to each other. – ikegami Aug 10 '17 at 17:05

Yes, you still lose life from Afflict

You even do so long before your opponent's creature dies - Afflict is a triggered ability that triggers when a player declares a blocker for that creature. What happens to that creature afterwards is irrelevant to this ability. Also note that it's not damage, but loss of life.

702.129a Afflict is a triggered ability. “Afflict N” means “Whenever this creature becomes blocked, defending player loses N life.”

So, in your Declare Blockers step, Afflict triggers, eventually resolves, and causes you to lose 3 life. Following that step is the Combat Damage Step, in which your creature will deal lethal damage to your opponent's creature.

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