Scenario: Keeper of the Shrine can be special summoned from the graveyard if a dragon is sent to the graveyard by battle or card effect.

  • Excluding Tributes.

If my opponent has Keeper Of The Shrine in his graveyard, and I use a monster such as Lava Golem or Winged Dragon of Ra Sphere Mode to tribute his monsters so that I can (as per the effect text) normal summon these cards, can he still special summon Keeper of the Shrine from his graveyard?

Although the card effect is that you can tribute monsters on your opponents side of the field, I can't figure out if this is labeled as "card effect" or a summoning condition and whether or not my opponent should be able to activate the special summon of Keeper of the Shrine.

  • no he cant, his monsters were tributed by the effect of lava golem/sphere mode Aug 31, 2017 at 10:21

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Well, since the card Keeper Of The Shrine excludes tributes, and Lava Golem tributes an opponent's monster, Keeper of the Shrine should NOT summon since the effect of Lava Golem declares it as a tribute instead of a card effect.

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