Where can I find the latest Collins Scrabble Words list in a text file? Googling this seems surprisingly difficult to find. I can only find some sites where I can check if the word is in the list.


In official use from 1 July 2019:


If you find any errors, please leave a comment here.

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  • Note that CSW15 actually has 276,663 words, which is 20 more than in this list. The difference appears to be words like "knickknack", which are unplayable in Scrabble because of the letter distribution.
    – A. Rex
    Sep 17 '19 at 1:19
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    Sep 17 '19 at 1:51
  • @KennyLJ - I tried finding a place where I can purchase this list for commercial use, but I have been unsuccessful. Have you encountered any? Sep 12 '20 at 0:26

The Words List seems to be protected by copyright. I highly doubt downloading the entire list - especially in an easily accessible format - is strictly speaking legal.

I found this on the Collins website.

Collins is the only online Scrabble word finder to use the official tournament word list.

So, I googled official tournament word list, and found this site, of the North American Scrabble Players Association. There it's stated that the Word List can be bought in print or digital format. The digital copy also needs a certain program:

Electronic Editions

NASPA members may use the free word study and adjudication tool, NASPA Zyzzyva, to access a licensed electronic copy of this word list. OTCWL2016 is included beginning with NASPA Zyzzyva version 3.1.0.

NASPA Zyzzyva is available for download to Windows and Mac machines at the NASPA Zyzzyva download site, which includes download and installation instructions.