Do you gain treasure by killing a monster through reactive damage on another player's turn?

The rulebook only says that you may draw a maximum of one treasure per turn when killing a monster, but is not decisive about whether that limit is per player or for the whole group.

During another player's turn a monster was killed and thus he drew a treasure card. Then during his villain phase a monster attacked and hit me, so I chose to use Fire Shield to deal 1 damage in return, which killed the monster.

Would I draw a treasure card because it is the first time I have killed a monster this turn, or would I not gain a treasure because one treasure card has already been drawn this turn?

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Since this has been open for too long, I'll throw in my interpretation of the rules.

I think the first step is to be clear about the turns. It seems you would be drawing a treasure on someone else's turn.

The rules talk about a Player Turn (sometimes Hero's turn) on page 6. It even singles out how each player's turn is defined by the Hero-Exploration-Villain phases (page 4, under "Taking turns").

This is important because the other player's turn is totally independent from your turn, so we don't have to take into account your previous actions.

On to the the ToA rulebook (emphasis mine):

When your Hero defeats a Monster, draw a Treasure card (see page 13). You can only draw one Treasure card per turn, no matter how many Monsters you defeat during that turn.

First, I'd rule that your hero has indeed defeated a monster. So we're clear on the first sentence.

As for the second sentence, I'd rule that you haven't yet drawn a treasure on that other player's turn.

So... use that treasure wisely! ;)

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