Is there a card that has an ability to the effect of "Choose a creature type. Creatures of that type cannot be summoned."? I feel like I would have found something on it if there was, seeing as it counters A LOT of decks, but I'd like to get confirmation.

  • The modern wording of such a card would probably be something like "Choose a creature type. Creature spells of that type cannot be cast." – David Z Dec 13 '17 at 19:24

That specific effect does not exist. However, there are some cards with effects that are probably less powerful, but still can do significant damage to a tribal deck:

  • An-Zerrin Ruins prevents creatures of a chosen type from untapping.
  • Circle of Solace allows you to prevent damage from creatures of a chosen type.
  • Engineered Plague decreases the power and toughness of creatures of a chosen type. Outbreak has a similar effect, but just for one turn.
  • Tsabo's Decree destroys creatures of a chosen type, and also makes your opponent discard creature cards of that type.
  • I had Tivadar's Crusade in a white deck (sideboard) just because one player in my group at college loved his goblin deck. – Andrew Jan 11 '18 at 18:18

No, there is no card that prevents creature types from being played. The closest card (prevention wise) would be Iona, Shield of Emeria, which prevents your opponents from playing a color. This would do quite a bit of damage to a tribal deck, since most tribes favor a color (goblins are red, merfolk are blue, elves are green etc)

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