I once heard a story about a Land Destruction deck that dominated tournaments at some point in early Magic's history. The story as I remember it is that the deck ran heavy land destruction to deny resources to the opponent, and it won with another card, which I believe dealt damage based on lands destroyed.

The card in question was inevitably banned, and Mark Rosewater occasionally comments that it's not the card's fault the deck was winning, and Land Destruction in general should have been seen as the problem instead.

What is the name of the card that was banned this way?


Dingus Egg was banned once upon a time, and it does 2 damage to the land's controller when a land is put into the graveyard from play. A few of these do a lot of damage per land, I've seen it in a few land destruction decks over the years. It's not currently banned in any formats it would otherwise be legal in.

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    As a side note, I agree with MaRo, land destruction can get to be a big problem, thankfully it has slowed down over the years. – Andrew Jan 17 '18 at 1:54
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    They really where clueless about bannings in the early days. – Neil Meyer Jan 17 '18 at 6:18
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    Then again that did share a format with both strip mine, sinkhole, and wasteland. – Neil Meyer Jan 17 '18 at 6:25
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    Strip mine was the one I was thinking of – Segfault Jan 17 '18 at 7:06
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    @Segfault yes except the specific question asked for a card that "dealt damage based on lands destroyed." strip mine didn't to damage it just destroyed lands. – Andrew Jan 17 '18 at 13:37

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