When a Doppelganger (or Copy Cat from the Vampires expansion) look at a role, their card now takes on the role they looked at. So, if they are swapped by a troublemaker, for example, the person who ends up with the Doppelganger card is the role the Doppelganger looked at.

Further, the Paranormal Investigator becomes any non-Villager role they look at and must then stop looking at cards.

In neither case are cards swapped.

My question is, what happens when the Paranormal Investigator looks at a Doppelganger who has looked at a card on the Werewolf (or Vampire) team?

First, if the Doppelganger is the first card they look at, do they assume that the Doppelganger is a Villager role and then look at a second card? I assume so. That's the only thing that seems fair.

Second, does the Paranormal Investigator become the non Villager role that the Doppelganger looked at?


The Daybreak rules state the following for the P.I. (emphasis added):

If the P.I. sees the Doppelgänger that saw a Werewolf, he continues looking (he doesn't know what the Doppelgänger saw, and does not become what the Doppelgänger saw, even if the Doppelgänger saw a Werewolf or Tanner).

The Paranormal Investigator is on the village team, unless he finds a Werewolf, or if he finds a Tanner, in which case he becomes a Tanner and only wins if he dies.

So a P.I. who sees a Doppelgänger stays on the Village team, regardless of what happens to the Doppelgänger.

  • I asked the game's makers before there was an answer, they got back to me: We just checked out the link and the answer provided is correct. Thank you, Bezier Games, Inc.
    – Andrew
    Jan 24 '18 at 14:33
  • And presumably this sets the precedent for the later Copy Cat role. Jan 24 '18 at 16:49
  • I believe it does.
    – ConMan
    Jan 24 '18 at 22:40

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