Once I saw the game in an encyclopedia, and I remember being impressed. Now, I'd like to find it again. Is there some inventory of famous games I can find it in?

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Presumably you're talking about the Game of the Century, in which 13-year-old Bobby Fischer beat IM (International Master) Donald Byrne, winning a brilliancy prize in the process.

This was of course not Bobby Fischer's "debut" game in that he had played plenty of other tournament games before this; in fact, he won the United States Junior Chess Championship almost a year beforehand. However, this is the "earliest" game most people think of when they hear "Bobby Fischer."

Game of the Century
13-year-old Bobby Fischer plays 17... Be6!!, sacrificing his queen

As for an inventory of famous games: Wikipedia has a list. Chessmaster also comes with a list of famous games annotated by Grandmasters.

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    The Wikipedia page has an annotated PGN. The pressure from Fischer is enormous! Jun 21, 2011 at 7:55

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