On page 26 of the rulebook it says

Coin tokens placed on a tech card as a reward for accomplishing a certain task are treated just like coins on the map, except that there is a maximum number of times a given task will provide a coin token. Coin tokens advance the economy dial when gained and cannot be lost

Since there are ways to remove a coin token from a tech, how is the maximum number on the tech card interpreted?

a) The maximum number on the card means the maximum number of times that you may use this ability.

b) The maximum number on the card means the maximum number of coins that can be placed on the card using this ability.


The pottery tech card reads max 4. Player A uses this four times (on four different rounds) and gets four coin tokens on it. Player B plays a culture card which enables him to discard a coin token on a technology card, and discards one of the coin tokens from the player A's Pottery card.

Can player A use the ability on the Pottery card fifth time to get a fourth coin token on the tech card?

Pottery Card


From the Official FAQ v2:

Q: What exactly does “(max 4)” mean on techs such as Democracy, Code of Laws, or Pottery?

A: It means that a player can only have four coin tokens on the Tech card at one time. If a coin token is removed from the card, the player can fulfill the condition on the card to add another coin token to it.

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