In the game of Cribbage, which card combinations are required to score 29 points in hand in the game of cribbage? If there are multiple, please list in decending order.

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The only hand that will score a 29 consists of all four 5s and the Jack of nobs.

The scoring of this hand is nicely broken down in this Cribbage Corner post:

We score the 29 hand in the same way as any other: taking 15s first, then pairs, runs, flushes and nobs.

First count 15s. The Jack makes 15 with each of the 5s, that's 4 15s. Also, there are 4 ways of choosing three different 5s to make additional 15s. That's 8 in total, for 16 points.

Then pairs: there are 6 different pairs of 5s, for another 12 points. That's 28 so far.

There are no runs or flushes, so the Jack of nobs gives us a final point for 29.

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