Dread has the following ability:

Whenever a creature deals damage to you, destroy it.

If we are playing a Two-Headed Giant game and one player puts a Dread onto the battlefield, can I attack the other person in the team to avoid losing my creatures? (I know with certain effects like Crosis, the Purger I can choose who I attack to make them discard a card, but I'm not sure on how Dread would work.)


Comprehensive rules, 810.9:

[In a Two-Headed Giant game, d]amage, loss of life, and gaining life happen to each player individually. The result is applied to the team’s shared life total.

If Player A has a Dread on the battlefield, "you" refers to its controller, Player A109.5. Dread's ability will only trigger if player A is dealt damage. Attacking A's partner will not trigger the ability.

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