The following rules are taken from English manual of Italian version of Bang! The Bullet!.

Regarding the card Missed! the interesting part is:

If you are hit by a BANG! you may immediately play a Missed! - even tough it is not your turn! - to cancel the shot. [...]

Regarding the card Gatling! the interesting part is the note:

The symbols show "a BANG!" to "all the other players". Note: even though the Gatling shoots a BANG! to all the other players, it is not considered a BANG! card.

This note makes me wondering if the Gatling can be countered by a Missed! or not. Reading the rules I think that the Gatling cannot be countered but in this case the card is too overpowered.

Note that also other characters and cards are influenced by how we interpret the Gatling card.

e.g. These characters of the base game are influenced:

  • Calamity Janet: she could use BANG! as missed
  • Jourdonnais: he can draw! when he is target of a BANG!
  • Slab the Killer: players trying to cancel his BANG! cards need to play 2 Missed!

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Using the FAQ here the following question and answer says,

Q19. How many Missed! cards are required to cancel a Gatling played by Slab the Killer?

A. Only one. The special ability of Slab the Killer applies to BANG! cards only.

For reference Slab's ability is "Players trying to cancel his BANG! cards need to play 2 Missed!"

This would infer to me that a Missed card can be used against a gattling as the question says that one card is needed to stop it.

There is also This thread on BGG which goes into detail saying a Miss can be played. It makes the distinction between a bang card and a bang action so whilst you can only play one Bang card you can play multiple cards with bang actions and any bang action can be missed.

  • Thanks, the difference between BANG! actions and BANG! cards clean all doubts even for further cards.
    – gvgramazio
    Commented Jun 29, 2018 at 12:14

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