One can do a google search to find which websites and which smart devices have Scrabble applications, but I find that computer players vary widely and are often misclassified. For example, Lexulous is an example of a site where the computer players are grossly overrated. I remember when I played Scrabble on my iPod (remember those? I am old) there was also an overrating and the quality of the computer players were relatively poor. Sometimes, a computer has trouble using 1 or both blanks at the same time, playing tactical Scrabble to open up the board when I try to close the board, and time management (only using a fraction of what they are given).

So where can I find a truly difficult computer opponent?

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There are two well-known Scrabble AIs. One is the commercial Maven which is made by Atari and bundles with most official Scrabble versions. The alternative is called Quackle and is free open-source and of comparable strength.

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