Apparently there's an old question Is there a site to play Go online against a computer? already but that's in 2014.

As we know AlphaGo/Master/Zero permanently changed the Go world, and many AI are competing the “2nd strongest” after AlphaZero retired. Is there a site to play Go online against one or (nowadays) more computers?

  • If it suffices to be able to play against a top bot offline, i.e. in your own machine, then there is e.g. the Lizzie interface for Leela Zero – mafu Jul 14 '18 at 15:25
  • You can play Leela Zero and Kata Go online at zbaduk.com The website also offers great tools to review your games. – bvdb Oct 21 '20 at 21:16

The accepted answer in your linked question is still valid: ELF (the Facebook go bot, account name "ELF") or variants of LeelaZero play on the Kiseido Go Server (usually bots have "LeelaZero" or "LZ" in their names). You can find a list of these bots in the room "Computer Go" (Menu "Rooms" > Room List > Social > Computer Go)

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