Can one make writings or log during the Android: Netrunner play? Or every player should use only its own memory?

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Taking notes is not permitted, no.

From the current Tournament Regulations (v3.2):

Taking Notes and Outside Material

Players cannot take notes or reference outside material or information during a tournament round. However, players may reference official rule documents at any time or ask a judge for clarification from official rule documents. Official rule documents include all rules documents and inserts available on the Android: Netrunner page of our website, those found in an Android: Netrunner product, or any portion thereof.

Edit: Under NISEI, this has been relaxed for Casual tier events.

From the current Organized Play Policies document (emphasis mine):

Taking or referencing notes referring to hidden information or strategy is not permitted at Competitive-level events. Players may reference official rules documents or card text at any time, or ask tournament staff for clarification. Players may take notes at Casual events.

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