Scenario. Alice has played in previous turns the following cards:

  • Timber yard (brown card) - gives 1 resource: stone OR wood.
  • Secret Warehouse (black card)

From the rule book for Secret Warehouse:

Each turn, the card produces a resource of the player’s choice from among those that their city already produces through its brown and gray cards or the initial resource of their board. Clarification : the Secret Warehouse doesn’t allow players to double the production on yellow, white, or black cards (Forum, Caravansary, Bilkis and Black Market).

Alice has not played any other card that produces stone or wood.

Can Alice use one stone AND one wood to play a card that requires both?

Additional info:
In our "7-wonders group" we don't allow this since we kind of assume that the secret warehouse "doubles" a resource as its symbol suggests. So we interpreted it as "You pick either stone or wood and you can use 2 of them".
But the mobile game app allows the use of one stone AND one wood.
I'm asking here because I don't trust how the rules are implemented in the mobile app since I found other bugs / inconsistencies in it in the past.

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Yes, she can.

The game's creator weighs in a few posts down at this BGG thread

Secret Warehouse & Black Market depend of your resource icons present on your "board"

So if you have a STONE or CLAY brown card (and nothing else) :

  • SW can produce either a STONE or a CLAY

  • BM can't produce neither a Stone or a CLAY (none of them)

SW & BM don't depend on the use you make of the resources on turn T, it depend on what resource are present on your brown cards.

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