I have a few questions on the lovely game :-

  1. In my current turn I've conquered a continent and keep it conquered for the following 3 turns. Do I get bonus troops in every turn that I have conquered it in ?

  2. If I am trading cards for troops, and I have a territory on the face of the card too. Do I still get my base troops that we get ( the whole count and divide by 3 ones )

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Per the rules

  1. You gain bonus troops for each of your turns you start while in control of the continent

In addition, at the beginning of your turn you will receive armies for each continent you control.

  1. Yes, you get the base count, plus any continent bonus, plus the value of the cards you trade in, plus 2 bonus troops for trading in a territory card you occupy.

At the beginning of each turn, calculate how many new armies you’ll add to your territories based on ...

  1. The number of territories you occupy;

  2. The value of the continents you control;

  3. The value of the matched sets of RISK cards you trade in;

  4. The specific territory pictured on a traded-in card.

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