In the setup for Big Girl Bed opening page, you are told not to put any leader cards in your deck. However, you are then told to place a crawly per stuffie, which in a 4 player game is 4. There were 4 shapes, but one was the leader shape, so I put it out there but used the non-leader stats. Was that right? If not, what did I miss as far as placing them?

Since we are past it, I am mostly asking in case this happens again. I am guessing the leaderless scenario will be rare, if it ever happens again.


You may be confusing Leader cards with Boss cards.
The rules do not say anything about leaving out Leaders; they only say that during the setup of the first scenario you won't have any Bosses (which is true; they show up as the game progresses).

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    Ah you're right. I have not encountered any scenarios where I would have bosses in a face up pile so I made that confusion. So I guess the right behavior would have been 3 normal and 1 leader, I made it easy on us. Thanks! – joedragons Oct 1 '18 at 20:42

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