I've been away from Warmachine for a while and it looks like things have been significantly revised (RIP mage hunters VS warcasters). I was looking around in the new War Room v2 app and noticed a number in the top right with the other abilities and stats that I can't find the purpose of. For Kaelyssa here, that value is 30. What is it?

Kaelyssa's warcaster card with the number 30 in the top right corner circled


It's the base size of the model. In Kaelyssa's case, and all other small base models, it's 30mm.

Here's a reference from PPS_Jackson on Reddit where he answers this very question: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warmachine/comments/6afm9k/comment/dhfgmxg

That indicates the models base size which is a new addition given how dragoons are now shown as two separate cards.

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