In Twilight Imperium 4th edition, a rider is a category of action card that says:

After an agenda is revealed:

You cannot vote on this agenda. Predict aloud an outcome of this agenda. If your prediction is correct, [GAIN SOME BENEFIT].

Examples of this are Politics Rider, Technology Rider, and Warfare Rider.

Can multiple players each play a rider on the same agenda? Can one player play multiple riders on the same agenda?

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Any number of players can play any number of riders on a single agenda, provided each is a different rider. If multiple players want to play the same rider, the player first in speaker-clockwise order has priority.

The relevant points from the rules reference:

Multiple action cards with the same name cannot be played during a single timing window to affect the same units or game effect. Canceled cards do not count as being played.

During the strategy and agenda phases, if there are multiple abilities that players wish to resolve at the same time, each player takes a turn resolving an ability starting with the speaker and proceeding clockwise. This process continues until each player has resolved all the abilities that he wishes to resolve during that timing window.

There is nothing in the rules reference that prohibits a player from playing multiple riders specifically. There is also nothing besides the above rule preventing several action cards being played in response to a single trigger.

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