We're a bit confused about the Skirmish ability. The helper text on Quixo the "Adventurer" says the following:

Skirmish. (When you use this creature to fight, it is dealt no damage in return).

We're confused about when a character is "fighting" for the purposes of this ability. Is that when it is attacking, defending, or both?

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    I think the confusion here is because of MTG. There are never any "attackers" or "defenders." link64 has the right idea.
    – SocioMatt
    Commented Nov 19, 2018 at 14:40

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No, Skirmish is only active on attacking

You can only Fight on your turn. This means that Skirmish is only active when you select that creature to Fight as an action, negating any damage you would be dealt. If a creature with skirmish is targeted with a Fight action by an opponent, it will still take damage.

From the official rules:

Any ready creature of the active house may fight. When a creature is used to fight, its controller chooses one eligible creature controlled by the opponent as the target of the attack. Each of the two creatures deals an amount of damage equal to its power (the value to the left of the card’s title) to the other creature

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