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If the opponent only has the Active Pokémon left and no benched one, can the Tri Hazard GX attack still be used even if there is nobody on the bench?

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There's an official ruling for this attack in The Rulings Compendium Black and White (the official ruling source):

Tri Hazard GX (Alolan Muk-GX - Burning Shadows)

Q. If my opponent has no Benched Pokemon, can I still use Alolan Muk-GX's "Tri Hazard-GX" attack? A. You can use it, but it won't have any effect, and it will count as having used your GX attack for the game. (Burning Shadows FAQ; Aug 3, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)

You can use the attack, but it won't have any effect except it counts as you've used your GX attack for that game. Switching 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with their Active one is a required step to do the effect.

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