If I manifest Zoetic Cavern can I use it's morph cost as usual, the reason why I ask is because manifest says you can turn it face-up only if it is a creature card, which it is not, so I was wondering if that applied to only the manifest, face-up cost or if it keeps you from turning it face-up with other morph costs?

I'm assuming a card can have multiple morph costs that don't necessarily interact with each other?


Yes, you can use the morph cost of the Cavern.

In the rules for manifest rule 701.33c says:

If a card with morph is manifested, its controller may turn that card face up using either the procedure described in rule 702.36e to turn a face-down permanent with morph face up or the procedure described above to turn a manifested permanent face up.

So if you are turning a card face up using the morph procedure, the manifest procedure and its restrictions become irrelevant.

Manifest is a separate, though similar, mechanic from morph and it is incorrect to call the cost of turning a card face up using the manifest procedure a morph cost.

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