I just have some questions about the rules of UNO, since me and my cousins are relatively new to it.

  1. Assuming we're only 2 players left, and I already placed my last card (Example, a +4 Card), but then my opponent also played a +4 on top of my +4 card, is it invalid? Or do I get to draw 8 cards?

  2. When I play a +4 card, can I immediately place another card on it? (Example, I played a +4, then called out YELLOW, then placed a yellow "5" on top of the +4 without shifting my turn)

  3. Also the same question as #2, but if I get to place a "Skip/Stop" card on top of my +4, will that pass the +4 effect to the next player? (Example, I placed a +4 then a skip on top of it. The +4 is dedicated to Player B. By putting a stop, the +4 gets passed to Player C instead.)

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    Note that playing an "action" card (+2, Skip, +4, etc) on top of another "action" card to counter it or pass it along is a house rule and not part of the standard ruleset.
    – mmathis
    Jan 4 '19 at 14:55
  1. A players hand must be empty to win a round. Since you've emptied your hand before your opponent you would win the round. Their play would be invalid since the round is over.

  2. Playing a +draw card counts as having you play a normal card. In a 2 player game this will just result in having your turn again anyway. In a 4 player game you cannot play 2 cards like this in one turn. It would move to the next players turn in which they will have to draw or chain a +draw card

  3. Same as #2, you cannot play 2 cards in one turn

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    Stacking (chaining) a +Draw card is a house rule and not allowed in the normal rules.
    – Ola Ström
    Dec 14 '19 at 9:42
  • house but extremely common to the point where 1 in a million game hosts will not apply it
    – L_Church
    Dec 16 '19 at 15:16
  • weird world you live in ^^
    – L_Church
    Dec 16 '19 at 17:14

Here's a great place to read the rules yourself:
From mattel.com: https://service.mattel.com/instruction_sheets/42001pr.pdf

Now to your questions which has been answered by L_Church, even though not completely correct
(you are not allowed to "chain" a draw card - instead of drawing the cards from the pile yourself):

  1. Yes it's invalid, it's not allowed by the next player (opponent) to play +4 card on top of a +4 card.

    If you have played your last card you have won, no matter what happens next.

    But even if that wasn't true, it's not valid to play a +4 card on top of a +4 card, instead it's MANDATORY to DRAW 4 cards from the pile and then it's the next player's turn who then can play another +4 card if wanted.

    Anything else is just house rules...

    Wild Draw 4 Card - This card allows you to call the next color played and REQUIRES the next player to pick 4 cards from the DRAW pile and FORFEIT his/her turn.

  2. Yes, in a 2 player game, but not in a game with 3 or more players.

    If you play a Wild Draw 4 / Draw 2 / Reverse / Skip Card or and you are only 2 players, then it's okej to play another card immediately after you played the first card - since it's your turn again.

    If you are more than 2 players, then you are not allowed to play another card - since it's not your turn.

    Rules for Two Players - The following special rules apply to two-player UNO.

    1. Playing a Reverse card works like playing a Skip card. By playing the Reverse card, you may immediately play another card.
    2. By playing a Skip card, you may immediately play another card.
    3. After playing a Draw 2 card or a Wild Draw 4 card, your opponent draws the number of cards indicated, and play is back to you.
  3. No, you are not allowed to play 2 card in the same turn.


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